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Lindley BC 2600 two more qualifiers

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Qualifier 3 for the Lindley BC 2600 on Friday evening saw Nicky White and Chris Mordue progressing to Finals Day. Nicky halted a Mordue brother's charge to Finals Night and winning brother Chris eliminated the reigning Champion, Jack Dyson.

Third Qualifying Round Friday 14 July

Round 1

Gerald Merry 18-21 Lorraine Hirst Nicky White 21-17 Craig Gant Ryan Clark 19-21 Josh Mordue

Ben Gloag 10-21 Chris Kelly Sam Day 16-21 Ernie Wareing

Chris Mordue 21-5 Ray Mortimer

Craig Hopwood 8-21 Jack Dyson

Paul Bailey 20-21 Dave Gwilliam

Round 2 Lorraine Hirst 9-21 Nicky White

Josh Mordue 21-14 Chris Kelly

Ernie Wareing 6-21 Chris Mordue

Jack Dyson 21-18 Dave Gwilliam

Round 3 Nicky White 21-19 Josh Mordue

Chris Mordue 21-14 Jack Dyson

Nicky White & Chris Mordue qualify and progress through to Finals Night

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