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League Registration Fees 2021

Ladies Works League

A long long time ago, well it seems like it, it was decided that any fees paid for

the 2020 season, would be carried over to 2021 and I understood that this

decision was passed to captains. It has been a long year, with so much yes

we will and no we won't flying around, that I’m not surprised that people can’t

remember, so here it is again.

Any registration fees paid for the 2020 non-season, will now be carried over

to the 2021 season. If you were not registered last year then you will need to

pay, however, off the top of my head, I don’t think that applies to anybody.

The exception will be if a team registered last year, but is not expecting to do

so this year, in which case they will, in due course, receive a refund.

Norma Maxwell

10 November 2020

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18 de nov. de 2020

It is a pity that the Huddersfield Vets, YCGBA and BCGBA do not follow this sensible attitude. I know that some committee members have put time and effort in running leagues, but the reduction in fees by Yorkshire and no reduction by BCGBA stinks

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