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Ladies Works League AGM

Ladies Works League

The Ladies Works League held their 2021 Annual General Meeting on Monday at the new venue of Thorpe Green BC due to the ongoing roadworks at Cooper Bridge making access to the traditional home at Bradley & Colne difficult.

All clubs were represented and there was a positive atmosphere about the proceedings. With the passing of Norma Maxwell and Hazel Rangeley stepping down from the Management Committee there was a need for new faces to lead the League through the next phase of its being. Those new faces were forthcoming and three new Committee members were voted into office.

All the 3 proposals on the agenda were passed, these were:

  1. Any team not fulfilling all the fixtures will be find £20

  2. 2 players can be drawn back if teams are short of players and there are no restrictions as to how many times this can occur in the season.

  3. 3 new members were accepted and welcomed on to the committee, these are Anita Collins, Jackie Fielding and Pam Fortune.

The new Management Committee will be meeting shortly to begin their work which will inevitably initially focus on establishing how many teams will be playing in the League next season and looking for ways to attract new teams to the competition.

I am pleased to say that the League has agreed to extend its arrangement with Huddweb so we will continue to report on everything happening in the League and help them to develop and extend the scope of their activities in 2022.

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