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LDT Champion cannot defend his title

Veterans League

There are no League fixtures scheduled for Tuesday 12 July so if you are looking for your weekly bowling 'fix' then consider entering the Lower Divisions Trophy (LDT) competition which starts on that day. The winners of the opening round of matches all progressing to Finals Day. That will see the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final all being played on the same day (26 August) at Outlane.

Bowlers in Divisions 3, 4 and 5 of the 10-Man League and all bowlers in the 6-Man League are eligible to enter the Lower Divisions Trophy. However any bowler who has played a single game in either of the two top divisions in the 10-Man League cannot enter this KO competition which is very much aimed at the average club bowler.

Chris Sykes is the current champion winning the last running of the competition in 2019 in the pre-Covid era. As Chris is now playing for his club, Slaithwaite, in Division 2 of the 10-Man League he is unable to defend his title.

Outlane Bowling Club has once again sponsored the competition and in 2019 the total prize money was £185 split between the winner, runner-up and losing semi-finalists.

It will cost you £2 to enter and the draw and entry deadline for the 2022 Lower Divisions Trophy is Monday 27 June so plenty of time to get your entries in. Entries welcome at or via your club representative or by contacting the Competition Secretary on 07780 445336 or by email to

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