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Latest update on voting for a new League logo

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The first day of voting on the preferred new logo for the Winter League saw 19 votes being recorded. All these included one design being selected as a top 3 choice by all 19 entries. Despite being a popular selection it currently sits with the same number of Number 1 votes as another design so everything is still up in the air. I won't tell you which ones yet to avoid influencing future voting.

So to remind you that the Management Committee has agreed that we need to have a League logo. As a new competition we need to promote ourselves in the local bowling community and develop our own identity. The introduction of a logo is part of that programme of work. Some work has been undertaken to come up with some relevant draft designs but the problem is we cannot agree which is the best one to suit our needs.

Another reason to have a logo is to enhance the trophies that we will be passing out at the end of the season. Individual trophies for members of the Championship winning team and the top Individual Bowler in the Averages will be awarded. There is a centrepiece in these trophies to carry the League logo which will improve the presentation of this memento considerably. So for all these reasons we have decided to ask bowlers in the League for their preferences.

Below are six designs that are currently being considered. We are all agreed that the dominant colour should be green (as in 'crown green' and 'grass') and the dominant shape should be round (as in 'bowls'). Apart from that we can't agree on the best design. We need your help. Look at the six finalists below and select them in 1 2 3 order on the form below. Thanks for your help.

1 2 3

4 5 6


Select your top three designs and add the numbers to the form

below in order of preference.

If you would like to suggest any variations on any of these designs

then please feel free to do so.

We ask for your name and Winter League team as this

vote is only open to registered Winter League bowlers.



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