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Winter League to play on Tuesdays next season

Winter League

The Huddersfield Winter League is to play matches on Tuesdays next season - and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well.

Last season in the Huddersfield Winter League there were six divisions of nine teams in each playing over three days a week. That worked out well with the following weekly programme of fixtures: Mondays: Division 3 at Primrose Hill Lib & Division 4 at Lindley Lib Wednesdays: Division 1 at Milnsbridge & Division 2 at Springwood

Thursdays: Division 5 at Netherton Con & Division 6 at Huddersfield RUBC

That provided a full season spread over 18 weeks for 54 teams. Our ideal model is to have divisions of 8 teams to fit into a 14-week playing season. In anticipation of another influx of new teams, we are preparing for a League with 64 teams which is an increase of 10 on the current number. They would be divided into 8 divisions with 8 teams in each. We can accommodate more than that if the demand is there.

We already have 5 new teams applying to join the League from October. We also have two new host greens signed up for the coming season. They are Cowcliffe and Lockwood Con two very prominent local clubs with excellent facilities at both to serve the needs of winter bowling. They are likely to be catering for the needs of the Division 7 and Division 8 teams.

Both the new host greens have indicated that their preferred playing day is to be Tuesday. This will suit a number of regular spectators who turn up every day that Winter League matches are being played. That will extend their watching duties to 4 days a week with a choice of venue on each day.

That being the case, most of the new teams are expected to start in one of the new bottom two divisions playing on a Tuesday each week. That will not include teams that are clearly of a higher standard as we always try and place teams at the level that best suits their playing capabilities. With a major reorganisation of the divisions planned for this year due to the need to reduce each division to eight teams, there will be more opportunities to place teams at the most appropriate level.

The League is now open for new team applications until 1st July with the option for Tuesday bowling in the future a hopeful attraction for some. The added attraction being the draw of the two new host greens which further enhance the standing of the Winter League.

If you want to more about the Winter League then please read 'The Ultimate Guide to Winter Bowling' which will answer many of the questions you are likely to have. Then if you are still interested or have more questions for us then please get in touch by contacting the League Secretary Jeff Jacklin on 07968 171 197 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you before the 1st July deadline which is only 7 weeks away.

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