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Ladies Works League rule reminder

Ladies Works League

Staying safe - Rules Reminder - Rule 7 Inclement Weather (Huddersfield Ladies Works League)

We all need reminding of what the rules mean every now and then and today we would like to remind all captains and players of Rule 7 related to inclement weather and rearranging of games.

As instances of inclement weather are becoming more frequent we need to ensure that everyone stays as safe as possible whilst playing league games. Inclement weather definitions generally include the existence of abnormal climatic conditions such as rain, storm, excessive heat/cold and thunder and lightning. Whilst excessive heat/cold rarely affects us, storms and thunder and lightening certainly do.

Every year several deaths occur due to lightening strikes and we need to minimize this risk. Matches/games therefore should not be played or continued in such hazardous conditions. If the match/games cannot be resumed, then they should be rescheduled before the teams leave the venue if at all possible. There should be no forfeiting of games or matches, the priority is staying safe and living to play another day.

Best wishes

The Committee

3rd July 2021

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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Jul 03, 2021

Thanks for the update

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