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Ladies Works League

Notice of proposed AGM 2021

Is this a delayed 2020 AGM or an early 2021? Well I guess that the answer is a bit of both, strange times demand flexible practises and this potentially scheduled meeting is an example of responding as best we can to these difficult times.

We are hoping that we can hold our AGM in late March or early April 2021 if Covid safety can be guaranteed at that time.

As you are all aware there has been no bowling activity in our League during 2020 and no AGM in 2020. Having said that, there have been developments and issues that the committee needs to discuss with you all. We need to ensure that the League is functioning to promote all of our members best interests.

There may be topics/issues that you as Captains/teams want to raise too in order to improve the League, we would very much welcome any ideas. If you have anything that you would like us to discuss at the AGM please send agenda items/proposals to the Secretary Andrea Oldham at 10 Parkwood Close, Shelley, Huddersfield HD8 8JP. Or alternatively by email to no later than March 1st 2021. A brief description of the item(s) and points for discussion should be included.

The balance sheet for 2020, together with a financial statement from the Treasurer can be found here on this website. Many of you will have seen this already, if not do take time to look at our financial health.

The venue for the AGM is yet to be decided. Bradley and Colne Club is where we usually have the AGM but unfortunately their team has folded, so another venue would seem to be more appropriate. If your club can accommodate this meeting which usually occurs on a Monday night please let us know.

We will firm up the date, time, and venue of the AGM as soon as we are able to do so. Hopefully the National Covid situation will start to improve and we will be able to meet up in the near future.

Very best wishes to you all.

The Committee

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