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Financial Report 2019/2020



At this time of year we would normally be at Bradley & Colne for the AGM, and before the meeting I would place on each table a copy of the financial report, for you to read and digest before the meeting began.

At the appropriate point I would then ask you if you had all read it, - Yes you would say; -  have you all understood it, Yes; -  are there any questions, No:   Well this year that would probably be true, as there isn’t much to them, apart, perhaps, from those bills which have to be paid, such as insurance, even though there has been no play.  The trophies payment being for the previous year, since that account comes in after the end of the League’s financial year.

My crystal ball is, at the moment, feeling a little overworked, but suggests that, looking forward to this financial year, there will be no income, unless we have some new teams and there will be no trophies to pay for, remember the trophies bill depends on the competitions played in the previous financial year, i.e. 2020, the aim with competitions is that they should normally be self-financing.

It is not normal to present the figures to the wider membership before they have been approved by the AGM, but this is not a normal year and although we hope to hold an AGM in either January or February, nobody knows if this will be possible, it may well not be until March. Some financial decisions may have to be taken before then.

Of course should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to give me a ring or contact me by email, or maybe even on the green.



Norma Maxwell

30th October 2020