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Jack Dyson wins 2023 Huddersfield Merit

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Two previous winners of the Huddersfield Merit contested the 2023 Final when Thongsbridge bowler Jack Dyson beat Josh Brown (Kirkheaton Con) 21-15 in the Final at Golcar Lib on Saturday. Jack is on a bit of a roll having also won the Marsh United 2500 the previous weekend.

It was a 9.30am start for the 62 entries in the Huddersfield Merit which were divided over four greens (Broad Oak, Outlane, Longwood and Crosland Moor) with the last eight from each of those qualifying rounds passing through to the final stages at Golcar Lib.

The qualifying rounds were all played on Saturday with that early start and then the Last 32 progressed through to the Finals at Golcar Lib later on the same day.

Last 32

E Heap 21-17 G Turton

M Gilbert 21-12 J Shackleton

A Rose 16-21 N Slattery

R Chomiak 17-21 B Ramsden

L Mosley 7-21 G Siswick

A Wike 6-21 J Brown

M Peacock 21-16 S Metcalf

G Ashwell 21-11 H Lumb

T Butterfield 11-21 J Dyson

M Richardson 21-7 Z Ayub

H Chadwick 11-21 N Haigh

R Beaumont 14-21 M Bramall

K Halsall 21-12 A Thompson

T Brook 21-14 D Hufton

J Shaw 5-21 M Atkinson

M Higgins 18-21 T Marsland

Last 16 E Heap 21-19 M Gilbert

N Slattery 21-16 B Ramsden

G Siswick 14-21 J Brown

M Peacock 9 -21 G Ashwell

J Dyson 21-19 M Richardson

N Haigh 21-11 M Bramall

K Halsall 11-21 T Brook

M Atkinson 18-21 T Marsland

Quarter-Finals E Heap 20-21 N Slattery

J Brown 21-14 G Ashwell

J Dyson 21- 16 N Haigh T Brook 11-21 T Marsland

Semi-Finals N Slattery 18-21 J Brown J Dyson - T Marsland

FINAL J Brown 15-21 J Dyson

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