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Its Thursday, its raining at Netherton!

Winter League

It's Thursday so it must be raining at Netherton proved once again to be a correct statement despite what the forecasters predicted - what do they know? Having visited every green most weeks and all the Division 5 matches at Netherton I can categorically state that Thursdays and Netherton do not go well together. The absolute worst weather this winter has been stacked up ready to be released on the unsuspecting but by now suspicious herd of bowlers gathering for their weekly fix at Netherton Cons.

But even by Netherton's abysmal Thursday record, this week's episode reached a new level of challenge for the gathering as the rain was heavy, unrelenting and of a thoroughly soaking nature. There were brief episodes where it teased the bowlers by showing a touch of sun but those periods were short-lived and a prelude to even heavier downpours. The wind gusting in all directions was particularly unhelpful in finding the lee-side for taking cover.

An hour after the start I was thoroughly soaked. My trousers were dripping rainwater into my socks and wringing them out later could have provided water for a dozen camels for a month. I dived into my car for some respite but the weather looked settled in for some while. I dropped my head in despair only to deposit a bath full of rain that had accumulated in my baseball hat onto my lap. That was the last straw for me, I'm out of here. Only three more Thursdays at Netherton to survive and then I am sure that the rain will cease.

Drop down this page to see two contrasting photos of the conditions taken by Bob Haigh and one that I added, spaced at hourly intervals.

The first two photographs below taken by Bob Haigh at the 11.30am start time - grey skies prior to the rain coming. Below that is the one took at 1.30pm - blue sky abounds! Scroll down further to the one taken in between when the heavens opened and when this sorry bedraggled specimen departed for home. A full record of 21 photos is also included.

Use the side arrows to scroll through the 21 photos below

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