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Is bowling good value for money?

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Following up on the recent posting about the rising cost of gas and electricity and the impact and very real threat to the continuing existence of bowling clubs, Jim Baxter of Milnsbridge BC responds. He believes that crown green bowling represents excellent value for money but that doesn't mean that it is exempt from the threat of closure of many of its clubs. Jim goes on to say ...

I read with interest your article on the cost of energy relating to bowling clubs. Every bowling and social club face the same problem and I think you are right to say that without intervention or changes, some will cease to exist. Of course, crown green bowling has traditionally been a low-cost sport available to all income levels and long may this continue.

However, club members need to be aware of the massive cost increases of gas and electricity to their club. The average club bowling membership in the Huddersfield area is around £25-00 per year. For this, a bowler has use of the green most if not all days of the week. Maybe a clubhouse with low-cost drinks and perhaps sky tv. As a comparison,

A Huddersfield town season card costs £329-00.

Gym membership per year from £228-00 to £359-00.

Marsden golf club membership £559-00 to £625-00.

Longley Park golf membership £695-00

Golf lesson half hour £35-00 one hour £50-00.

Meltham golf membership 6 day £1002-00, 7 day £1088-00

1 gallon of petrol £7-35 average

1 pint of beer £3-95 average.

So the conclusion could be made that bowling club membership prices will need to rise. However a suggestion to increase the subscription at my club was turned down by a majority committee vote.

A request to raise the green fees paid by winter league bowlers of just 50 pence per week was defeated by the committee four votes to three.

A suggestion to close the clubhouse when the cost of heating the building and wages are far above the takings for the shift was defeated. It may be that the Government will provide some relief for sports clubs but as their aim is to reduce financial support to households and for businesses the outlook is not good. There are no easy answers but it would be a great shame to lose bowling clubs or any sports social club due to financial problems.

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