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In memory of Trevor Higginbotham

Rest in Peace

Further to our report on the passing of Trevor Higginbotham I am pleased to be able to follow that up with a short account of Trevor's contribution to local bowling as provided by Alan Leonard and Alan Brook of Golcar Cricket & Bowling Club.

Trevor bowled for the Golcar C&BC team for over 20 years during which time only one team honour came their way. That was the Shape Master Trophy in the 2nd year that it was competed for. Trevor is remembered as a club stalwart serving as both a bowler and club official.

Trevor progressed to join the Huddersfield Bowling Association Management Committee where he served for many years as a Committee member before taking over the position of Treasurer in 1988 a post he held for 8 years. He was very proud of his status and it was a role he took very seriously.

Trevor passed away on 1 April aged 78. The funeral service will be held at Huddersfield Crematorium on Monday 17th April at 10.30am.

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