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Huddersfield taken to task by Yorkshire CCGBA

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I understand that officials of the Huddersfield League have been asked by Yorkshire CCGBA to explain why they have run the Huddersfield Qualifying Round of the Yorkshire Merit competition whilst restricting entries to bowlers who only play for clubs in the Huddersfield Saturday League.

Yorkshire CCGBA have reminded the Huddersfield & District Bowling Association that the Yorkshire Merit is open to all bowlers of clubs affiliated to the Yorkshire CCGBA not only those with teams in any particular League. The matter has also been referred to the YCCGBA Executive Council.

Yorkshire County Crown Green Bowling Association do not currently know if any individual has been denied access to the competition because of this unauthorised discrimination or if anyone has been put off entering because of those same restrictions.

Below is a copy of the offending poster issued by the Huddersfield & District Bowling Association for this year's Yorkshire Merit competition announcing a restriction on bowlers who are allowed to enter.

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