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How to run a successful club by Bowls England

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The Bowls Development Association (BDA) is an organisation generated by Bowls England to promote bowling. It sees part of its role to show clubs how to behave and has produced a series of Quick Guides as to how certain posts and responsibilities should be undertaken.

These cover roles such as Club Chairdperson, Club Secretary, Club Safeguarding Officer and one on the roles and responsibilities of a Treasurer which I am forwarding to the Yorkshire CCGBA as they seem to have ignored all aspects of this responsibility over the past three years.

There are also Quick Guides covering responsibilities which include Running a Successful Open Day, Celebrating Diversity in Bowls, Digital Marketing and Legal Structures.

In addition The BDA is running a series of free online webinairs covering most of these roles and responsibilities which are being held week commencing Monday 22 January, which anyone can sign up for. These can all be found and booked through the link below.

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