How to produce a Risk Assessment

Getting ready to reopen your green

The new Return to Bowling guidance from the BCGBA indicates that all clubs need to refresh and submit their Risk Assessment before competitive matches can start on their greens. Previously approved Assessments are no longer valid and new ones should be completed to comply with the revised guidance. You also need an approved Risk Assessment to comply with the requirements of your insurance cover. So what is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is a simple and effective tool that clubs and delivery organisations can use to ensure that all of their activities, equipment and facilities are as safe as possible. Having a risk assessment in place is a way of controlling the risk of accidents or injuries to everyone involved in your activities, from participants and volunteers to visitors. The risk assessment process can be used to record, identify, and assess risks in order to develop safe practices or flag further actions needed to help control and manage those risks.

It has to be documented and in previous instances has to be approved by the Yorkshire CCGBA prior to any competitive bowling can be undertaken. It is unclear from the guidance available so far if that process is to be repeated this time or not.

The Club Matters website has some good clear instructions about why and how a Risk Assessment is such an important process to complete. Follow the link below to use the guidance to complete this task and make your venue risk free and reassuring to members and visitors that you are doing everything possible to make things as safe as is possible for them all. Club Matters Risk Assessment Guidance

This guidance includes a template you can complete to provide the documented record that you will need to assure everyone that you are complying with the requirements and taking all your members and visitors safety seriously.

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