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How far do you walk in a Pairs match?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Winter League

How far does a bowler walk in a typical pairs match?

Well thanks to Almondbury BC member and Winter League bowler, Robert Tracey, I can now tell you. Last Wednesday in their Winter League Division 2 match against Meltham, Robert and his partner Simon Neve walked 0.52 miles in the 1 hour and 1 minute that the game lasted. If they had managed to get more than the 6 points they accumulated then it could have lasted longer and they could have walked further but they didn't.

All this information was collected on Robert's mobile phone using a free app called Strava. So now you know that one hour's pairs bowling probably equates to half-a-mile of walking or maybe you know differently. Maybe you would like to try Strava out for yourself?

Do you think you walk further or less when you bowl in a Singles match? We know a Pairs match takes longer but does that mean you walk further? Similar number of ends so a similar mileage surely? Must ask Robert to let us know.

Thanks Robert, all interesting stuff.

The map below also shows the points on the green that Robert visited, or where their opponents sent him. The top edge of the map is the car park and clubhouse side of the green at Springwood. A sample of some other data available through the Strava app and collected during this one-hour session is also included below for your information.

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Jan 08, 2022

Would be interesting to see more of these and then I might be able to draw some conclusions on those parts of the green bowlers favour and which parts they don’t favour and use to my advantage !! ( only joking)

On a little more serious note could it be interesting for a singles bowler to track where he plays over a number of games at home? He might learn something from the results eg parts of the green he doesn’t play on or possibly the length of his marks.

Am I trying to glean something which isn’t there? Philip of Lindley

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