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How did you start bowling?

Ladies Week

It is a simple question - how did you start bowling? Everyone has a story to tell and we will be delighted to share your story with other like-minded people on the website. Norma Maxwell has decided to document her reasons and circumstances for taking up the game. Can we add your story to this series? Contact Us


How did I get into bowling, well I imagine that many of those who know me, reckon they could make a pretty fair guess, and they’d be wrong.

Some 30 years ago we used to have the grandsons every other weekend, which meant somebody had to stay home and look after them, obviously that couldn’t be Granddad, after all Saturday was bowling! On the weekends without the children, I would sometimes go to watch them bowling but more often than not, if the weather was nice, I would stroll around to the Golcar Cricket Ground to watch the cricket.

As I walked from Swallow Lane towards the club, there would be this elderly gentleman sitting on the low wall, who always greeted me in the same way “Now then Lorna, when are you going to start bowling”. Eventually, when I took early retirement, in 1999, I finally gave in and started bowling. So you see it wasn’t Harry that got me into bowling, it was John Coulson, over the years I got to know him well, but I never could persuade him that my name wasn’t Lorna.

Mind you I have always been grateful to him because I have become so fond of the game and so involved. Don’t make any mistake though, I love playing the game, but I’m not a very good player. I’m the sort of player who gets thrown in at the last minute when you are short. However this doesn’t bother me, I know my limitations, and still enjoy the game.

I’ve particularly enjoyed being with the junior players, here in Huddersfield we are very lucky in that we have a lot of very good junior players, they are the core of the Yorkshire Juniors Home Team and still manage to provide some very good players to the Away Team. If you want to know just how strong, just look at how many times the County Championship has gone to Yorkshire. The future of the game is in good hands.

I must now make a confession, towards the end of the 2019 season I stated that as the 5th or 6th reserve in the Bolster Moor Farm Shop team, it would take a major epidemic to get me a game. SORRY, I really didn’t mean it, I was really quite happy not to play and I promise I won’t say it again.

Norma (Lorna) Maxwell

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