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Holiday greens - North Wales

Bowling News

Bob Haigh has provided me with a lot of photos of bowling greens over the past few years and has got into the habit of taking a camera with him when holidaying or walking somewhere new. If he comes across a bowling green then that immediately gets added to his album.

Here is an example. The photo above is of a crown green bowling green at St Asaph in North Wales. It appears that full access was denied to Bob but he is not the type to be put off by a six-foot hedge and locked gate.

Now Bob has suggested asking local bowlers to share any photographs they may have taken of bowling greens whilst away from home. The further from home the more interest it creates. All this sounds like a good idea to me whilst we complete the lockdown sentence and before we are able to return to the green in earnest.

So send me your photos of any (crown green only) bowling greens and share that memory with other bowlers.

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