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Greenhead Park win ASDA funding

Club News: Greenhead Park

Twelve months ago in October 2021 we reported on the success of a Leeds bowling club in obtaining a £1,000 grant from the ASDA Foundation which they used to provide 25 club shirts and waterproof jackets.

The Greenhead Park Veterans League team captain, Richard Pearcey, followed up on that success by seeking support for help in funding a number of pressing needs resulting in some success with polo shirts and waterproof jackets being funded and shown off below by proud club members.

The club is not allowed to share the total sum received but Richard takes up the story of how the club followed the process to a successful conclusion ....

It started about 12 months ago when I saw an article that a bowls club in Leeds had got a grant, so I thought I would try.

I believe that each ASDA store can support an application so I approached the one on Bradford Road and the Community Support person there told me to drop him a line, which I did. After not hearing anything for quite a while I looked online and found a formal application form which I completed and sent off, again to the store.

Again after not hearing for a while, I contacted Customer Services and said I was disappointed that I had not received any response to the application and they quickly came back and said they were prepared to help. They wanted to know what the grant would be used for and I advised them that it would be for fees, insurances, spare bowls for newcomers and for club uniforms.

After a while they came back and said that whilst some of the items were not within their scope for funding, they would give us a grant, which we received in March. They did ask that we publicised the fact that we had received a grant and we have a poster in our pavilion window advertising the fact.

The money has in the main been used for the uniforms but also for buying new equipment, fees, insurance and the like.

I attach a copy of our completed application form which may be of interest and help to other clubs.

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