Good signs for Division 1

Winter League

There are nine teams in Division 1 of the Winter League. Two weeks, 8 matches won by 8 different teams. This week saw the second week of league fixtures, following which 8 of the 9 teams have now won a match leading to a conclusion that this should be a good competition with teams capable of beating each other.

None of the four teams that won their opening matches backed that up with a second win this week although New Millers were one of that four but they had a bye this week. Clayton West, Kirkheaton Con and Milnsbridge 'A' all lost their Week 1 fixtures but all bounced back to win this week. Lower Hopton started their season after a first-week bye and didn't take any time at all to slip into top gear with a opening 8-0 win over Lowerhouses 'A' with the 63-27 aggregate total being the biggest win of the season to date in any division. All the signs are good for a close-run competition although form and luck will inevitably fluctuate as the season and weather changes.

After the first week foursome of 6-2 scorelines there were two 8-0 wins on the list this week as Milnsbridge 'A' added to Lower Hopton's whitewash contribution. That win came against the one team still waiting for their first win of the season being Rastrick 'A' and that was enough to put the host team at the top of the early league table.

On the organisation front it seems that teams are getting used to the four jacks on the green at all times format as matches finished 30 minutes earlier than they did in the first week taking less than 3 hours to complete all four matches. No doubt that will be accelerated even more once the colder weather comes in and bowlers look to beat a hasty retreat to the warmth of the clubhouse.

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