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The new greenkeeping facebook site mentioned earlier this week on this website seems to have taken off with a growing number of postings that may be of interest to all greenkeepers everywhere. Some of the topics currently under discussion with lots of helpful tips are

  • applying granular feed during the bowling season

  • which is the best wetting agent - commercial or washing up liquid

  • settings on a Denis mower

  • a second hand John Deere 220B mower for sale under £2,000

  • which is the best Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain

  • how many times a week should the green be cut

  • artificial grass backboards for green perimeter

Already a very active site with good responses to all requests for help as well as providing a platform for some to show off their ideal greens with a range of photos. Take a look for yourself but you will need to join the group to gain access but that is just a formality to prevent commercial bodies taking over the site. Bowling Greenkeeping UK

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