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Free green maintenance videos

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The latest free video on green maintenance has just been made available from Dennis and SISIS. This one covers the 'Late Autumn and Winter Maintenance Programme'. A further 11 free videos are also available covering the topics listed below.

Free video topics:

  • End of season renovations

  • The effects and control of thatch

  • How to seed a bowling green

  • Funding support

  • Setting up a cylinder mower

  • Cutting a bowling green

  • Aerating a bowling green

  • Scarifying a bowling green

  • Hand tools for a bowling green

  • The difference in grass clippings

  • Q&A session

You can also add your questions online for answering by an expert.

This is the link to get free access to these videos. You do have to register and provide your club and email address but then you can select any or all of the 12 videos to watch whenever it is convenient for you to do so. Virtual Green Maintenance Seminars online

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