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Fostered woods seek reunion with owners

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I have two appeals asking bowlers to look in their bowls bags to see if their woods are really both theirs after two bowlers, one male, one female, found they have been carrying around mismatched woods.

The first appeal comes from Bill Blackburn to help him recover a lost wood. He hasn't bowled for two years but a recent team raising problem at his club, Lindley Bowling Club, put him on standby. In preparation he uncovered his woods only to find that he didn't have a matching pair.

In his bag he found he had two Taylor G I Ace bowls but of different weights. One was 2.8lbs and the other 2.6lbs. The above picture shows the woods but the pair in question have blue buttons not red as in this photo and Bill is hoping for a reunion with his 2.8lbs version. He doesn't know when the switch happened but would probably be in 2019.

Someone out there has the same unmatched pair. If you are a Taylor's G I Ace bowler then you may care to check your woods. One clue is that the two blue button inserts are of slightly different colours. Check your woods and maybe uncover why your game has gone off the boil a little over the past two years! We have provided such reunions in the past but two years is a big ask but you never know.

If anyone does find they have a wrong wood then please contact Bill direct on 01484-641101 and you can arrange between yourselves repatriation of these fostered woods.

The second appeal comes from Angela Allan who again is unsure where the swap took place or when. Angela who bowls at Lindley BC and Springwood in the Yorkshire Parks, Huddersfield Ladies Afternoon, and for personaliseHR in the Ladies Works League recently realised that her bowls are not a pair.

The photo shows that they are both Henselite high density with blue writing but again they are of different weights. One is 2.6 and the other 2.8. Has anyone who bowls with 2.8 ones picked up one of her 2.6 ones in error? If so in the first instance please contact Amanda Gray on 07757 121532. Many thanks.

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