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Fantasy League transfers pay off

Well Bowled Fantasy League

This week's trading in the Transfer Market has worked well for some although the top three from last week retain those positions this week albeit in a different sequence. Well done in the Transfer Market especially to Philip Walker and Ken Baxter who both dumped Division 2 side New Mill 'A' and replaced them with Almondbury BC 'A' who promptly ran out 9-0 winners this week

With only 10-points between the top ten, there is obviously much still to play for and a good move in the transfer market can make all the difference to any individual's chances. The next Transfer Market opens for 5 days on Thursday 30 June, until then you have to make do with the teams you already have. The table below includes the Division 1 match played yesterday in the 10-Man League to bring you bang up to date with points scored by all teams.

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