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Fantasy League transfer windows explained

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Just a week to go before the Fantasy League closing date and we already have over 50 entries signed up for the 2024 Summer competition. With a £100 prize to the winner and free entry there is no reason not to get involved and the Lucky Dip entry means we do all the work for you. You can also make your own selections if you prefer.

We are pleased to announce the continuing sponsorship of our unique Fantasy League competition from Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot. That enables us to offer a £100 Well Bowled Sales Voucher for the winner of our season-long competition. In addition, the runner-up and third-placed entry will receive sales vouchers to the value of £40 and £20 respectively. Add to that the fact that entry is free for every Huddersfield area bowler then what have you got to lose by completing the easy Lucky Dip Entry Form below?

Alternatively you can make your own 8 selections using the form at the foot of this posting. All you have to do is select a team from each of the 8 divisions of the Veterans League. Every point your selected teams collect adds to your Fantasy League total. Most points come the end of the season wins the £100. Weekly updates on HuddWeb.

There will be Transfer Windows during the season where you can make changes to your selections whether you have a Lucky Dip or a full self-selected entry. In a change this season each entrant will only be allowed to make 3 transfers all season. However you can make as many of your three in any of the monthly transfer windows. At the end of each month we will announce the opening of the transfer window in which you have 5 days to make any changes to your selections. You can make all three in Transfer Window 1 or drip feed them over the course of the season, your choice. But you only get three transfers all season.

QUICK & EASY LUCKY DIP ENTRY FORM (Entry deadline is 12noon on Monday 8 April) Any problems using the form below please click here to use an alternative online form

You can change your Lucky Dip selections at any time up until the closing date by emailing me at

Your full 2024 Fantasy League online entry form is at the foot of this posting which enables you to select your own 8 teams for the 2024 competition. You can only have one Lucky Dip or one self-selected entry, not both.

It is free to enter with all bowlers getting one free entry. You don't have to play in the Veterans League to qualify, you don't even have to be a veteran as it is open to all bowlers, male or female, of any age. All we need is your name and club that you play for. You don't even have to select your eight teams as we offer a Lucky Dip option where we pick the teams for you.

You can amend your entry at any time prior to the closing date. Regardless of whether you made a Lucky Dip selection or completed the full entry form yourself you can still change as many of the teams as you wish right up until the deadline. Change your entry by either emailing me at or fill in the full entry form and tick the 'Replacement Entry' box.

Submit your entry before the deadline which is 12noon on Monday 8 April.

The Entry Form for you to submit your own 8 selected teams is here. Do not use this if you have already submitted a Lucky Dip entry request.

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