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Fantasy League transfer window is still open

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The 2nd Fantasy League Transfer Market of the season is now open until noon on Monday 3 June. That gives you time to transfer out one, two or three of your underperforming teams and replace them with an alternative from the same division.

There are five Transfer Windows over the course of the season, one at the end of each calendar month. You may have already used one or more of your three transfers in the 1st Transfer Market. You have a total of three transfers in total that you can use in any of those five windows. You can use them one at a time or all three in any one month but once you have used them, they have gone.

You may decide to ditch some slow starters now and then you have no emergency options available later in the season. Or you may prefer to stick with your full eight for now and leave the transfers in hand for a late push for the title. It is your call.

All the points any team you transfer out has gained up to that point will be frozen and included in your total. Any points your new teams have accrued before the transfer are not counted in your ongoing total points.

It doesn't matter if you have used the Lucky Dip facility to pick your teams for you or if you chose all eight for yourself only you can make the changes to your selections. If you can't remember your team selections then use the file at the foot of this posting. This file does not include any previous transfers you may have made. Previous transfers are listed here

Use the form below to tell us which division(s) you are making changes to, then add the team you are transferring out and then the replacement from the same division. You only have until noon on Monday to submit your changes.

If you cannot remember your 8 selected teams then you may care to download this copy of the full list of 84 original entries (does not include any transfers to date) sorted into club order.

Download XLSX • 17KB

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