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Fantasy League table and transfer deadline

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The latest Fantasy League Transfer Window closes at 12noon on Monday presenting an opportunity to refresh your bid for honours in this year's edition of our unique competition. The details of how the transfer system works is explained below along with some other key information.

Meanwhile long-time leader Mike Ralph continues to lead the way albeit with a slightly reduced lead this week down to 14 points from the 20 points it was last week.

How the Fantasy League works:

Entrants pick a team in each of the 8 Divisions in the Veterans 10-man and 6-man leagues. Every point their 8 selections win goes towards the individual's total. Most points at the end of the season wins the prizes.

How the Transfer Market works

Entrants are allowed 3 transfers over the course of the season. There are transfer days at the end of each calendar month when punters can swap an under-performing team out and replace with a different team from the same division. They can swap as many as they like out in any month but they only have a total of 3 transfers that can be used during the season.

The 2024 Prize Fund

A season-long competition with a £100 Well Bowled Sales Voucher to the end-of-season winner. Then there is £40 for the runner-up and £20 for third place.

Our Sponsor

I am indebted to Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot for their continuing support of the unique Fantasy League competition. If you need any crown green bowling equipment your first port of call should be Well Bowled.

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