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Fantasy League Table

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Updated 4.00pm Sunday 17 April 2022


Thanks to Tim Poulter for spotting an error in the tables which affected every entrant's totals.

The scores for the 6-Man League Division 2 selections had been omitted from the totals for each entrant in the table. This has now been corrected and the updated table is included below.

The spreadsheet has been created after 6 hours of effort and no doubt there will be some errors in it so just let me know if you find anything incorrect. Two of the entries included Kirkheaton Con 'A' in their selections who are the early Division 1 leaders and these two are rewarded by claiming the top two places in the initial league table. So well done to John Pix and Janet Henry.

No need to panic just yet if you are further down the table than you would like but you may already be promising to substitute several of your selections when the window opens at the end of the month. You can swap one of your teams out every month and substitute them with a different team from the same division but wait for the go-ahead after the last April fixtures have been played. Let's call this the transfer window and the first one will open on Wednesday 27 April until 12noon on Monday 2 May.

For those of you that have forgotten the teams that you selected or became yours through the Lucky Dip process then all the details are in the file you can download below.

Download PDF • 47KB

For now, you have to live with your original selections or those bequeathed upon you through the Lucky Dip method. The current and corrected league table looks like this.

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