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Fantasy League monthly winners and transfers impact

Updated: May 9, 2023

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Jeff Smith returns to the top of the latest Fantasy League table after a 45-point haul over the past week. That drop to 3rd place last week cost him the April Manager of the Month title which went to Brian Fraichney on a Tie-Breaker decider (see below).

All the 26 transfer requests have been actioned and from this week those changes are reflected in each player's points total. Remember you retain the points total of your original selections as they were at the end of April. Your new team selections only count from the points they score from this week onwards.

April Manager of the Month

David Craddock and Brian Faichney were locked together with the highest total of 132 points accumulated during April and so had to revert to the Tie-Breaker to separate them and determine the destination of the £10 cash prize for the April Manager of the Month.

All entrants have submitted a Tie-Breaker guess that they both included as part of their entry. The one that had a Tie-Breaker points haul nearest to the monthly total of the top Division 1 team collects the dosh. The Division 1 leaders, Golcar Lib 'A', had amassed 26 points in April. David's Tie-Breaker score is 35 but Brian won this decider with a Tie-Breaker score of 29 points to collect the tenner. Well done.

April All-77 Draw

Debra Neve's name was drawn out of the hat by Mike Ralph of Springwood and Debra receives a £10 cash prize for doing absolutely nothing. There will be an All-76 Draw next month when Debra's name will be the only one missing from the hat for the draw for another £10 cash winner.

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