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Fantasy League MoM & Tie-Breaker winners

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The September/October Manager of the Month prize goes to John Allen to add to his overall competition win. During the past month, his selected teams won more points than any other entrant just ahead of Des Emsall. The Top 10 managers for September/October are below.

That gives John another £20 Well Bowled voucher to add to the £100 for winning the season long competition. Now to name the final winner of the Fantasy League winner of the season. That is the Tie-Breaker Tenner prize with the entrant nearest with their Tie-Breaker guess to the total points accumulated by the Division 1 leaders (Golcar Lib) during the last month of the season. That target is 26 points (final total of 138 against the end of August total of 112).

That target was also the June target with two punters selecting that number. That draw favoured Michelle Booth who took home the £10 then (well she will when I see next). The rule I introduced earlier in the season that the same person cannot win two draw prizes means that the loser on that occasion, Ken Baxter of Kirkheaton Con, is the winner this time.


There is still time to join our latest free-to-enter Fantasy League competition which covers the 2022-23 Winter League season. With £70 in prizes and a free £5 voucher to spend with Well Bowled why would you want to miss this opportunity? Make a Lucky Dip entry where we do all the work for you as well. There were 4 Lucky Dip entries in the Top 10 finishers in the 2022 Summer Fantasy League. Enter Now.

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John Allen
John Allen
Oct 08, 2022

Thank you Jeff and Well Bowled the sponsor, a great shop with a great choice of all bowling equipment.

Regards John.

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