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Fantasy League June £10 winner

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Each month we give away a £10 cash prize to the Fantasy League entrant who matches their monthly Tie-Breaker selection to the number of points gained in the past month by a selected Division leader.

This month it is the turn of the 10-Man Division 3 leader (next month it will be Division 4) to set the marker for the Tie-Breaker Tenner. That is Denby Dale and at the end of May they had 39 points and were 3rd in the table. At the end of June they topped the table and had a total of 65 points so making their target total of 26 points they gained during the past calendar month.

Only two Fantasy League entrants had selected 26 as their monthly target total - Michelle Booth (Lowerhouses) and Ken Baxter (Kirkheaton Con). Both names went into the hat for the monthly £10 cash prize and that draw was made by Graham Shaw of Grange Moor BC yesterday with Michelle Booth declared the winner so congratulations to her and your tenner is winging its way to you now and your name is added to the 2022 records.

Tomorrow we will be announcing the winner of the June Manager of the Month who will win a £20 Well Bowled Sales Voucher for gaining the most league points during the calendar month of June by their selected teams.

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