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Fantasy League first table

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The first table from the 2023 Fantasy League competition is now unveiled and shows that Greenhead Park bowler, David Craddock, is the early leader with Springwood greenkeeper, John Pix, 7 points behind him in second place. John was the early leader last season and knows very well that a top position at this stage means very little.

Actually in the 7 years I have been running the Fantasy League the opening week leader has never won the season-long competition. Sorry David but it is all downhill from here.

So if you are not among the early leaders do not despair there is a long way to go and it will take a few weeks before the table becomes anything like meaningful if past results are anything to go by. Regardless of that we will be posting weekly updates as we head towards awarding the first of the monthly prizes but more of that later.

The latest table alongside shows all the Lucky Dip entries in red.

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