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Fantasy League 2024 first table

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The 2024 Fantasy League is up and running with 84 entrants chasing the £160 Prize Fund. The first League Table of the season is below but obviously this is subject to many changes over the 6 months season. I can't recall any first week table leader going on to win the competition so everyone is still well in contention, except Peter Fuller of course who manages to find a bottom three place every season but he keeps coming back for more.

It is addictive and all the entrants have now a vested weekly interest in following a team in each of the 8 divisions of the veterans two leagues. Regular updates throughout the season here on HuddWeb so good luck to you all.

How the Fantasy League works: Entrants pick a team in each of the 8 Divisions in the Veterans 10-man and 6-man leagues. Every point their 8 selections win goes towards the individual's total. Most points at the end of the season wins the prizes.

Entrants are allowed 3 transfers over the course of the season. There are transfer days at the end of each calendar month when punters can swap an underperforming team out and replace with a different team from the same division. They can swap as many as they like out in any month but they only have a total of 3 transfers that can be used during the season.

A season-long competition with a £100 Well Bowled Sales Voucher to the end-of-season winner. Then there is £40 for the runner-up and £20 for third place.

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