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Now that’s an expression you often hear around the bowling green, usually being said to a rather upset-looking younger bowler, by a rather elderly spectator. What does it mean, well what it means to more experienced bowlers, is that over the course of your bowling career you will get every score it is possible to get, so don’t let it upset you.

There are players who expect to get 21 every time they step foot on a green, did you know that there are also players who expect to get nothing. Yes, ok. the latter are usually the ones down to play the former, but miracles have happened.

The worst experience you can have is being handed your card and realising that you are down to play someone you know, and who knows how you bowl i.e. are you a “long” or “short” bowler, and that you are the home team, so they will have the jack. You instantly know that the jack is going to go flying across to the other side of the green, which you, being a “short” bowler, cannot possibly meet. Your only hope is that they will slip up and send it off, giving you the chance to shorten the mark. They don’t and eleven ends later you are on your way back to the clubhouse having been “nilled”, Do you laugh or cry – my advice, as somebody who has been in this position, is laugh.

What is “nil”, it’s only a number, one of 22 numbers, any of which, you could have ended up with (check it out, it is 22). Speaking as somebody who has had every one of them, even a rare 21, very rare, my advice is just to relax, take what comes, enjoy your bowling and give it time, you will get better. Remember that, in those leagues which decide the result on aggregate, every point counts and your points, however few, might just make the difference between winning or losing.

Norma Maxwell

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