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Despite defeat Brockholes win Division 3 title

Winter League

Despite losing their final match of the season Brockholes 'A' still collected the two points they needed to guarantee the title but the Recreation Club 'A' team faltered anyhow to retain the gap at the top to seven points. Congratulations to the Brockholes team for the achievement after leading the table for almost the whole season.

A selection of photographs taken by Robert Tracey to show off the presentations and our two trophies for Division 3. The Founder's Shield was purchased from a fund supported by local bowlers specifically set up to provide a number of trophies for the new Winter League. The Treasurer's Trophy was donated by the Treasurer, Bob Haigh, and is also presented for the second time. This year David Walls of Brockholes 'A' being the recipient of the award.

Brockholes 'A' are the Division 3 Champions for the 2022-23 season

Brockholes 'A' required just 2 points from their final match of the season to secure the Division 3 title and that is exactly what they got when losing 2-6 to Thorpe Green 'B'. However, their nearest challengers. Huddersfield Recreation Club 'A' also succumbed to last day nerves as they also lost 2-6 as Dalton completed a league double over their opponents. That means that Dalton have completed league doubles over the top two teams but still finished third.

The Brockholes team completed a Division 3 double with David Walls taking the Top Bowler prize as well despite not bowling on the final day of the season. That enabled his two closest rivals to win their games and go level on the number of wins but the wins were not big enough to push them past David's top average score meaning he collected the Treasurer's Trophy.


Winter League Chairman Mike Ralph presents the Founders Shield to Brockholes captain, Elaine Bell


Bob Haigh sponsored the Treasurer's Trophy which he presents to David Walls

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