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Doesn't time fly when you are in lockdown? No? Well maybe not but it is a week since we set you this cryptic crossword puzzle pulled together by Maurice Nicholson and that may not be long enough for you to complete it entirely. I didn't receive any completed solutions so assume that you are all too modest to show off your capabilities or maybe you found it too difficult?

A cryptic crossword with a combination of bowling terms, Huddersfield and general knowledge answers. The full solution is below. If anyone else fancies trying out something similar then please get in touch. It needs a Bowling and/or Huddersfield emphasis to qualify for publication. Get in touch


All the answers are below along with a reminder of all the clues. Hope you enjoyed the challenge and thanks once again to Maurice for taking the time to pull it all together.



1 Referee 5 bowlers 9 beekeeper 10 total 11 chummy 13 yardage 15 SAS 16 oink 17 reinforced 21 Kirkheaton 22 well 24 captain 27 strike 29 exist 30 breakdown 31 speeded 32 dusters


1 robs 2 freshener 3 rheims 4 emphysema 5 barmy 6 Waterloo 7 extra 8 silverdale

12 mar 14 corkscrews 18 noonstead 19 cheekbone 20 thwarted 23 drakes 25 pride

26 no bid 28 onus

Anyone else fancy putting a crossword together to test out our readers? It has to be bowling and/or Huddersfield based to qualify for inclusion. Send us your puzzle

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