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Crosland Moor '64

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2nd Qualifier Results - Friday 12th August

A top night's bowling saw Penistone's Baz Holland and Thongsbridge regular Jack Dyson book their places in this year's showpiece final. It was a testing night for both, as the green was ultra quick all evening making bowling a real test. Jack took to the green straight away beating Neil Slattery 21-7, before he came through a tight tussle with Stephen Walker who gave Jack's woods a real headache. In the game to qualify, Flicker never settled despite playing well up to this point and came off bemused as the green continued to fly despite the late hour.

Barry meanwhile was having some real battles, firstly shaking off fellow Barry Mr Tinker 21-18, before finding some quality bowls up the far edge to dump out Ashley Daykin 21-20. In the game to qualify, Ivan Smout played superbly well as he had done all evening, but just ran out of gas at the wrong time as he failed to trouble the scorers again from 15-12 up as Barry ran out to secure his place in the final.

A shout-out to firstly James Williams who travelled a long way at short notice to make up the card, and also Ivan in particular. He's come from Birmingham on a Friday night, been on the green for the best part of 4 1/2 hours and just lost out to qualify at 11.15pm. Absolutely superb and without people like this supporting comps, who knows where we would be. Thanks again guys.

Finals Day Line-up So Far

1. Lee Johnstone (Lower Hopton)


3. Barry Holland (Penistone)

4. Graeme Wilson (Lower Hopton)

5. Jack Dyson (Thongsbridge)




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