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COVID-19 hits fixtures

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A COVID alert has caused the postponement of the Section 4 match this week between Kirkheaton Con 'B' and Lindley BC 'B'. A Lindley team member tested positive the day after their last match against Thongsbridge 'B' last Tuesday. He is doing OK but the other team members now have to undertake 10-days isolation and also have to take a PCR test.

This is the second COVID related postponement for Lindley BC as they had their 'A' team league match against Broad Oak 'A' postponed on 20 July under similar circumstances.

This is a stark reminder to all bowlers that the infection is still very much around and despite the vaccination programme and the precautions we all now take for granted, the infection remains a threat.

The match between the same club's two 'A' teams also scheduled for this week currently goes ahead as listed but this is now under review.

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Aug 07, 2021

Even after such a long time with the threat of Covid this is a reminder to all of us to be permanently vigilant at all times. Lindley is redoubling it’s efforts to be safe and following the latest guidelines and advice and , if in doubt, is erring on the side of caution in deciding what to do. YCGBA and the Huddersfield Vets League are happy with what Lindley is doing.

What soon becomes apparent is that if you have a bowler who tests positive and who also plays for other teams with different bowlers then the potential impact within a Club becomes much larger.

The bowlers who have been tested so far have all had a negative test result.

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