Committee manipulates clubs voting

Veterans League

The Veterans League has sent out to clubs paper copies of a series of proposed rule changes for the 2021 season. With the present difficulties in meeting and the decision to postpone the AGM until March at the earliest, the Management Committee has decided to adopt an unusual approach to getting these changes approved.

I have been informed that the League has advised the 47 clubs that any non-return of their voting intentions will be counted in favour of the proposal. So they are starting from a premise of a 47-0 vote in favour of all their proposals whereas the opposite has always applied in the past as set out in their Bye-Laws. In fact 15 clubs could vote against the proposed changes and there not be a single vote in favour and they would still get it passed under these arrangements. Read that last sentence again carefully. That can't be right, can it? Whichever way you look at that it doesn't stand any test of sensibility. The idea of voting at all appears irrelevant as the outcome is already obvious as engineered by the Management Committee's approach and decision to ignore their own rules again.

Bye-Law 11 states

No existing League Rule shall be altered, rescinded or added to nor new rule accepted without the consent of at least two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote and voting at the Half Yearly or General meetings.

It is appreciated that the situation is difficult at present but it would make more sense to only count votes actually cast by clubs unless of course you are looking to manipulate the vote in your favour. I wonder how long the Committee considered no club response indicating opposition to a proposal? Not long if at all, well that wouldn't fit with them getting their proposals passed would it?

Clubs have until 11 January to submit any responses. Many will think 'what is the point' as the decision has been taken out of their hands and the Management Committee can already congratulate themselves on getting these changes in place with no effort on their part other than stacking the odds heavily in their favour with scant regard for the club's views on such matters.

This isn't about opposing any rule changes. I haven't even seen what rules they are proposing to change. This is about treating clubs with respect and being fair about how they manage their responsibilities. Clearly, they have decided to take a different route.

If any club can scan or copy these papers and send them on to me, anonymously if you wish, I will be pleased to publish them so that everyone can see what is happening.

A copy of this article was sent to the Veterans League 24hours prior to publication. No response. apart from an acknowledgement of receipt, has been received from them to date.

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