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Coming up this week on HuddWeb are lots of postings that we know about and probably some news that is still to happen. What I do know is that over the next 7 days I expect to post news items about the following ....

  • A report on a unique version of crown green bowling called 'Roving Cot' as played at Thorpe Green and a few other places around the country.

  • More Veterans League historical records released with the first batch of newsletters re-issued for those interested in looking back at what Huddersfield bowling was all about only 4 years ago.

  • The conclusion of the Poll on the preferred new logo for the Winter League as we announce the vote winner.

  • An update on a 'missing' trophy from the Ladies Works League.

  • News of a new £16.5m fund open to bowling clubs from Sport England which has been opened to bids and then suspended.

  • Transfer of the Winter League meeting records from the old website to the new one.

  • We continue the build-up to the resumption of the Winter League bowling season as we await news on what life will be allowed to be like after, and if, the lockdown is lifted.

Time for a bowlers poll. Richard Pearcey posted a good comment on the earlier item regarding the Veterans League fees structure for 2021. This asked the reasonable question should clubs be paying 2021 fees now when there is so much doubt about there being any bowling at all next year. Tomorrow we open a bowlers poll to judge reaction to leagues and governing bodies circulating demands for 2021 joining fees.

Then of course there will be other things that arise during the week ahead that will find their way on to the site. The most viewed Homepage posting last week was the one about the improvements to the green at Grange Moor B.C. This confirms that people like to hear about other clubs and we welcome your input on this. So please send us information about your club, changes in buildings, people or teams and send us any updates and photos that you are happy to share.

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