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Club News: Lindley BC green update

Club News: Lindley Bowling Club

Lindley BC Greenkeeper Mike Thornton reports on the winter work programme on the green in this update to club members.

First cut of 2022 was undertaken on 14 January at 8mm and took nearly four boxes of grass cuttings off. The green is coming on really well after plenty of work carried out back in October that included Hollow Tining and Verti-draining, also during November, December and early January l have been drilling down between 2 to 3 ft through slate stone to hopefully improve the drainage in one section of the green. I reckon around 2500+ holes have been drilled in the green so all being well we shall see standing water draining away very quickly in that area.

Work now starts on preparing the green and surroundings ready for opening the green on Monday March 28th.

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