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Can 4 teams make a League?

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How many teams do you need to form a league? Is four a viable number? Well the Castleford Ladies believe that it is because that is how many teams they have in their Friday league. You have to admire the dogged determination to continue bowling under such circumstances. In 2019 they had 6 teams but the situation has now worsened with two teams withdrawing this year. The remaining four teams will play each other four times between 21 May and mid-August to complete their season.

They are not the only Ladies League struggling for numbers with Barnsley and Bradford also down to single figure numbers. The listing below provides a comparison of 11 local area ladies leagues which indicate that Huddersfield hasn't done too badly when you look at some of our neighbours. Still worrying of course but until you get below four teams it seems that it isn't a problem to continue on playing. Well done ladies.

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May 04, 2021

Having a League with 4 teams is better than the alternative, so good luck to the ladies.

Philip of Lindley

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