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British Parks criticise BCGBA and sweet-talks bowlers

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Interesting publication by the British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association about opening up their junior competitions to BCGBA counties as they recognise 'the apparent lack of direction of the BCGBA in the junior game.'

The posting goes on to speak of allowing BCGBA junior bowlers the chance to bowl in high-level competitions which have been denied their bowlers in recent years. This hints at rumblings of a mood to change things and sweet-talking of juniors and under-25 bowlers to entice them to join them.

Is this a forerunner to the opening up of their senior competitions as well or even the first move towards a take-over or merging of the two associations? Why are there two opposing national organisations for one sport?

This report on the BPCGBA Annual General Meeting comes from the BPCGBA website.

Yesterday was the British Parks AGM held at Winnington Park Northwich, where all the counties came together to discuss and change proposals that were put forward by management and counties.

The biggest change that was voted on was to allow BCGBA counties to affiliate as an associate members to gain access to the junior competitions we run. Our junior events are very successful and with the apparent lack of direction of the BCGBA in the junior game this will give them the opportunity to play in high-level competitions, something that has been lacking in the last few years. This would also include the Under 25 merit for the youth players we have around the country, as we currently have limited competitions for that age bracket.

British Parks has a junior 10 a side championship a junior 5 a side championship and the junior individual merit each year.

Hosts for 2024 Junior 10 a side. East Midlands Junior 5 a side. Yorkshire Junior merit : South Yorkshire Under 25 merit. South Yorkshire.

To access our events there will be a fifty pounds affiliation fee and the usual entry fees apply to each competition. More information will be sent to all BCGBA counties in due course

Any interested counties can contact the CEO Phil Scott to discuss further.

Don't expect anything soon from the Yorkshire CCGBA about this as they are notoriously lacking in good communications. You are probably better off communicating directly with the Yorkshire County Parks Bowling Association if you want to learn more. Clubs and Districts can be a member of both the BCGBA and the BPCGBA.

There are a number of Yorkshire District Associations that are already affiliated to the British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association including Bradford, Leeds, Barkston Ash, Heavy Woollen and Sheffield. There are currently 49 clubs that are directly affiliated to the Yorkshire County Parks Bowling Association and these are listed below. Interestingly none are from Huddersfield.

There may be some history here that I am unaware of so it would be interesting to learn of that if anyone wishes to add to this article you can add a Comment to the bottom of this posting or send it to me directly at

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