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Bowlsnet Live at Netherton Winter Cup Qualifier

Winter League

This Thursday it is the turn of the Division 5 bowlers to compete against each other to find the top four bowlers who will progress through to the Round of the Last 20 which will be played at Springwood on 12 April (1.00pm start).

This qualifying round is at Netherton Con with an 11.30am start time. All bowlers should aim to be there for the start time as any bowler not present when called up to play will be eliminated from the competition. All 43 entered bowlers turned up for the matches at Thorpe Green and Lindley Lib on Monday so we hope we can keep that record going.

Once again we will be using Bowlsnet Live to keep everyone up to date with all the results and the latest scores throughout the 3-hour session. The first trial run was successful until Bowlsnet prevented us entering any more results after 1.30pm. However that was identified as a programme fault which the developer has since corrected so we are hopeful of an error-free second trial on Thursday.

How to access Bowlsnet Live

You can follow all the latest scores and results wherever you are - green-side or Greenland - by going to the Winter League Bowlsnet pages and clicking on the COMPS link in the top border menu and then selecting 'Winter Cup (Netherton Con)'.

Quite a number of the Top 20 Bowlers in the Division 5 Averages have entered the competition so the standard is expected to be high on a green very familiar to all the bowlers out there. There are just two ties involving bowlers from the same team and they are both in Round 1 involving four Brockholes 'B' bowlers.

Because of the huge interest that the competition has caused among Division 5 bowlers with the most entries (25) of any of the five divisions, and the need to finish at a sensible time all matches will be 15-Up throughout this round of the Winter Cup. Although disappointing for some the lessons learnt from Thorpe Green on Monday support the move to 15-Up matches whenever there are more than 20 bowlers in the draw.

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