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Bowlsnet Live at the Winter Cup

Winter League

Results from the Qualifying Rounds of the Winter Cup will be added to our Bowlsnet pages as soon as the bowlers come off the green. The full draw for all five qualifying rounds are now on Bowlsnet in tree format so you can see your path right through to the four qualifiers per green.

Today (Monday) the Qualifying Rounds are being played at Lindley Lib and Thorpe Green with an 11.30am start time. Now wherever you are - greenside or Greenland - you can keep up to date with all the results as they happen. In fact it is better than that as we will be trying to provide the latest scores in as many games as possible at both Thorpe Green and Lindley Lib. So select those two competitions and toggle between them for all the latest scores and results as they happen.

You really can be in three places at the same time. Both of the Winter Cup venue greens and Greenland with prompt updates to all the scores keeping you in touch as if you were involved in the match. All the action as it happens.

Follow this link to our Bowlsnet pages and then click on COMPS from the top menu then select the Qualifying Round you are interested in. Easy peasy. It all starts at 11.30am with the first results expected shortly after noon but some early scores even before then.

Today's Winter Cup Qualifying Rounds are at Thorpe Green and Lindley Lib both with 11.30am start times. Spectaters are welcome at both venues but if you are going to Lindley Lib then you need to use the Daisy Lea Lane side entrance not through the club which is not open until 12noon. Here are the line-ups at each venue:

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