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Bowlsnet data loss latest!

Bowling News

LATEST: 11.40am

All results and any changes made between 12 and 17 June on Bowlsnet have been lost the developer has informed all league administrators via his facebook page (copy below).

That means all results input since Thursday 12 June will have to be reinput unless your league administrator has taken a weekly backup copy in the interim period. No doubt league administrators will be contacting clubs in due course..

EARLIER: 8.00am

Avid followers of bowling on the excellent Bowlsnet results reporting system may have noted that all of this week's results have been deleted. This appears to be the same for all leagues including the Veterans 6man and 10man leagues, Mirfield League and others. This followed an earlier message saying that 'the number of access attempts had exceeded quota'. No doubt the developer will be working to recover the situation. Just to let you know that you are not alone with this problem.

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