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Bowling on Radio Leeds

Updated: May 7, 2021

Bowling News

It is not often that crown green bowling gets any airtime on the radio so we were interested to learn that Radio Leeds had featured a 10-minute slot on their West Yorkshire Sports Daily programme yesterday (4 May).

It was on the back of the national initiative of the Bowls Big Weekend that Paul Ogden of Radio Leeds first interviewed Hazel Rangeley, a Committee member of the Huddersfield Ladies Works League but the conversation covered much more than the Big Weekend plans. The discussion turned to the subject of safe bowling in the slipstream of the pandemic, the perennial age issue matter, the benefits of bowling and even a suggestion of introducing League v League matches.

Hazel did remarkably well considering she was only given a few minutes notice of the interview and no indication at all of the questions to be put before her. Well done Hazel. Click on the link below and the interview starts around the 50minute mark so you may have to fast-forward to find the start of the 10-minute interview. The recording is available online until the end of May. West Yorkshire Sports Daily

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