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Bowling club £8k restart grants are coming

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

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Last week I mentioned the new business restart grants of £8,000 become available that bowling clubs will be entitled to. Kirklees Council hasn't started advertising their scheme yet but some other local Councils have. Scarboro Council is one of those already inviting business and sports clubs to apply. You can view the detail including the criteria for acceptance so read up and be ready for when Kirklees catches up. Link to Scarboro Council website

Extract from Scarboro Council website.

Sports clubs with a rateable value under £15,000 are entitled to a business restart grant of £8,000 as from 1 April 2021 although no payments will be made until 5 April at the earliest..

Strand 2 – hospitality, leisure, accommodation, personal care, gym and sports

Rateable value of premises Grant amount

£15,000 or under £8,000

£15,001 to £50,999 £12,000

£51,000 or above £18,000

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30 de mar. de 2021

I think this is grossly unfair as there are clubs that do not pay rates that could do with a grant

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