Boris's Monday statement will determine our season

Winter League

Boris Johnson is due to outline plans to Parliament later today (Monday) on post-lockdown restrictions and that statement will determine whether our Winter League season restarts or finishes now. The current lockdown is due to end on Wednesday 2 December and there is wide expectation that the 3-Tier system will be re-introduced but with stricter controls. The reward for this is likely to be a 4-5 day relaxation of these constraints over the Christmas period.

We wait to see what the impact could be on outdoor sports which is the heading that the Winter League is currently operating under where any tightening of controls could halt bowling altogether. However, we remain hopeful that the Tier-3 guidance already enforced will be sufficient to allow our sport to continue for the immediate future. Should that not be the case and we are not allowed to resume bowling next week then that is likely to bring our first-ever Winter League season to an early conclusion as there will be insufficient time to complete the full fixture programme. We remain positive and it would be a big setback for many sports should the call go against a resumption of outdoor sports.

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